NYC's Modern Martial Arts is NYC's premier Mixed Martial Arts school in Manhattan

Modern Martial Arts NYC provides classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Kickboxing, Krav Maga, (Self Defense), and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for children ages 3 to 12. Kids are placed in age appropriate classes.

Modern Martial Arts NYC, where kids ages 3 and up learn the value of respect, discipline and confidence. We provide the tools your child needs to take on the world. Self-defense, motivation, encouragement are all just part of what we teach our students. Our students are the reflection of the tremendous work we do here. We are very proud to see young prospects join our program, participate in our classes and progress with every class.

We emphasize individual progress, as well as self-improvement and self-confidence and do our best to instill our students with a positive hard working attitude they can apply at home and in school. Students come into class energized and excited to learn what's next. After joining our class, our students have demonstrated positive results in academic achievement, self-esteem and a fit, healthy lifestyle.


Tiny Champs Program

for ages 3 and 4

Our Tiny Champions program introduces the focus and discipline that all martial artists require. These 30 minute classes are held in a fun, structured atmosphere. The classes emphasize:
   - Focusing eyes mind and body to get the most out of the class
   - Basic punches and kicks
   - Age-appropriate self-defense techniques

Little Champs Program

for ages 5 to 7

Our Little Champions program highlights the lessons learned about focus and discipline but also starts to incorporate more of the Modern Martial Arts curriculum. The 30 minute classes include:
   - Basic forms that require memorization and practice
   - New level of maturity when performing techniques
   - Anti-bullying techniques, both physical and mental

Juniors Program

for ages 7 to 12

Our Juniors are 7 through 12 years old. Their curriculum emphasizes goal oriented achievement and physical fitness with an eye towards black belt. Our Black Belt Training program prepares our student by teaching them:
   - Attendance and effort based achievement
   - Intense cardio warm up and strength exercises
   - Forms that focus on memorization and discipline
   - Emphasis on physical fitness and proper technique

We've been going to Modern Martial Arts for years. Both of our children have learned to be more persistant, disciplined, and confident. Their agility and strenght have increased and they love that they have a skill not everyone has. I love that they have a tool that may be used to protect themselves one day! The teachers at MMA are caring and attentive but insist that martial arts be treated respectfully. Between our kids and my husband, we've tried every class, parents night out, and summer camp and can say the quality of experience is high in everything they do.
Nova Hall (parent)
I joined MMA when I was 6 years old. My karate teachers taught me self-defense skills I can use at school and in everyday life. Before joining I was very shy and didn't like participating in school. MMA helped me feel more confident in a lot of what I do. Now I'm able to go to school, make new friends and raise my hand in class without being afraid. My karate classes are fun and exciting. Every day I learn something new and get to practice with my friends. I love improving my skills and receiving higher belts with different colors. I never miss my class!
Lilly (student)


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Combining personal growth themes, self defense classes, and professionalism that no other self defenses school can compare to, parents know that their children are Karate for Childrensafe and well taken care of, and that the training they receive provides benefits beyond self defense.

For children, our self defenses schools helps boost your child's levels of confidence, energy and spirit. So much so, he (or she) would become unstoppable! Unstoppable in his pursuit of:

  1. Academic achievement
  2. High self esteem
  3. A fit, healthy lifestyle

With what we now, not only will your child want to achieve these powerful qualities, we can guarantee it!

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We look forward to meeting you in person very soon and teaching you and/or your children the benefits of self defenses lessons.